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It's Management & Leadership Training. But Better.

A comprehensive library of management and leadership training courses. Save time by training your people without having to leave the office, and at a convenient time. Only pay a fixed price, no matter how many people you train.

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Online Management Training Library

A comprehensive library of management and leadership training courses.

Our library constantly improves based on user feedback. In-person workshops only live in a participant's memory. As we take feedback from the online courses, we can consistently improve the content, re-record lessons, record new lessons, tweak the worksheets. As a result each course will only get better and better. And you'll have access to it forever.


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Save Time & Money on Your Training

In-person training courses can take up a lot of time and a lot of your training budget, and with remote work becoming more common getting people together for traditional courses is increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly.

Saving You Money

Our online workshops provide you with far greater value, because, whether you train 3 people or 30 you pay a fixed price subscription. Now you can train your whole company for the price it would have cost you to train just a few people.

  • Your Whole Company has Access Forever

    New employees don't have to miss out on workshops we may have run in the past. Now your whole company has a library of training they can access whenever they want. At no extra cost.

  • You Choose the Content You're Interested In

    With an in-person course if you're not interested in the content then you have no other choice, take it or leave it, that's all that's on at the time. With our library of online courses you can pick and choose what's important to you at any particular moment or to any particular person. One person can take one course, three another, or twenty yet another.

Fixed price leadership and management training

Save Time

You save time because people can attend when convenient. In-person courses are at a particular time, on a particular day, at a particular place. People are either available to come or they're not, even if they really want to. Being online means participants can access the training whenever they want, wherever they are. No time is wasted in travelling, parking, tea breaks, toilet breaks etc. Ok they probably still need toilet breaks.

  • Bitesize Lessons

    Participants can fit learning into the working day more easily because lessons are bitesize so can be fit into awkward gaps rather than missing half-a-day out of the office.

  • Repeat training as often as you want

    Participants learn more effectively because they can re-watch courses whenever they like. With in-person courses, if participants want to refresh themselves on the content they have to rely on their notes and their memory.

  • Immediate Results

    The training is more effective because participants can implement it immediately. They don't have to wait til they're back at work to put the training into use because they're already at work!

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Great Features

As well as all the obvious cost and time efficiency savings, when you subscribe either as an individual or a team you get access to some great added extras. And we're always adding more based on user feedback.

  • Monthly Live Training

    Along with a huge library of on-demand courses every month we host a live training session for you and your team to attend.

  • Playlists

    Create your own bespoke courses by grouping courses into playlists.

  • Team Management

    Assign playlists to team members and track their progress. Create playlists for specific job roles, departments or new starters.

  • Private Podcast Coming Soon

    Compile a playlist then add a private feed to your podcast player so you or your team can learn on the go.

  • Quarterdeck Course Formula Coming Soon

    Reproduce an in-person Quarterdeck course yourself in-house. Get access to a workshop describing exactly how we run our courses.

  • Rolling Monthly Subscription

    Simple fixed cost. No long term commitment. Cancel any time.

  • Take Note

    Participants can make notes on lessons to remind themselves or plan how they are going to implement what they have learned.

  • CPD Points

    When users complete lessons and courses they are automatically awarded CPD points. We keep an automatically up to date CPD portfolio for every user.

Latest Courses

We're adding more courses all the time, here are the most recent.

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Simple Fixed Price

A simple subscription gives you unlimited access for your whole company.

Fixed Price & Unlimited Capacity

A simple subscription gives your whole company access to all courses. Now you can train your whole company for the price it would have cost you to train just a couple of people.


  • Convenient

  • Immediate Results

  • Constantly Improving

  • Bitesize Lessons

Monthly Subscription

£299 + VAT

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